Covering a geodesic dome frame with solid polycarbonate

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Video tutorial showing how to cover a Geo-Dome with solid 2mm thick polycarbonate.


Richard Bailey says:

how do you decide what size and how many polycarbonate sheets you need

CaptainShanghaiWilly says:

This guy is a true zen master of DIY geodesic dome building.

Thank you zen master, thank you very, very much !

txusicB says:

Awesome set of skills, great videos.
does the C strut there have a dihedral angle?
thanx in advance

20fireman12 says:

seems like a lot of money an time

truepres says:

Outstanding! very helpful.

sylvanenergy says:

how come you don’t put it up on a pony wall the height of a raised bed? Because its a 5/8 dome?

Brad Gray says:

Those type of greenhouses are cool.

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