Cob Houses – Live Debt Free with Sustainable Development

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Sustainable Development – Photos of cob homes that I took on the West Coast of Canada.


seven7arrows says:

tax is not debt. You live debt free by paying your bills and not borrowing money. It’s not cost-free, just debt free.

Mike Tthompson says:

beautiful Home’s I like it. What was the cost?

mizhollylaw says:

They have hobbits in west canada!!! I knew it.

buleverde1 says:

Maravilhosa moradia!

Beth Andrade, Minas Gerais – Brasil

sadeyes8nt4ever says:

I have 6 acres I live on…I’m going to start a project to practice this right away! Start small, like a deco wall or bench seat. Then I’d like to make a storage shed if all go well for like the mowers and other equipment! Wish me luck 😀

sadeyes8nt4ever says:

lol Asked the same question myself! Looks amazing with endless possibilities so I looked it up…cob is an earthly mixture of things like clay, sand, and straw. I was wondering about longevity but one article said there is a home more than 500yrs old in Europe still being lived in today! How’s that for longevity?? 😀

MalikaTica says:

so what is a cob home, whats it made of?

MalikaTica says:

gotta go far rural areas where they dont come check often. im looking to get 2 1/2 acres… there has been illegal construction on it since 2007…

NichsaStillwater says:

US Constitution, Section 8:The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States… Not saying i agree with it… but it is constitutional… Know your facts before you end up looking like a fucking idiot!

Paulnjenare1 says:

Great info on cob homes.. they are lovely..AND I Love the music in this video.. would like to know who it is ..thanks!

L2design says:

They cant tax you if they cant find you 😀 go live in the forest.. go off the grid!

Silvergordikuki says:

The right to own property is an illusion. You don’t own it if they take it away for not paying taxes…that’s called renting, not owning. They ask me why I stay in Puerto Rico, and don’t want Statehood. This is a huge reason. Here, as effed up as it is…you are not obligated to buy insurance for your car, and if you buy a house, land or whatever and you finish paying for’s yours, no one can take it away…ever.

andrew minty says:

Insurance and taxes have become legalized extortion. 10% of sales ought to be enough for our government. Currently that would be $160,000,000,000.00 on gross domestic product alone. If they would stop giving our money away, eliminate waste, and reduce the welfare rolls by 90% and stop having wars, force prisoners to do 100% of their term on 5% of the current penitentiary budgets so most law enforcement and corrections officers would get real jobs that produce real products………..

andrew minty says:

I can’t build a home because there are too many building codes, fees, and payoffs. The irony is that I am very good at all the residential building trades and have been building homes for decades. I have worked on homes up to 10,000 square feet, and many businesses as well, but I can’t even build a tiny home for my family to live in because of all the red tape and fees.

andrew minty says:

Debt free ? My wife owes $60,000 in student loans and we can’t pay it back. The government has frozen our bank accounts even though her loans were from before we were married. To make matters worse, they seized our tax returns, and we both got laid off, lost our home and now both work for nearly minimum wage with 2 kids to feed. I’m really starting to hate our government. I was fine until ACORN screwed up our housing market which in turn screwed up our economy and the worlds as well.

KristiChan1 says:

Those are…well priced actually, I’m surprised. I was expecting them to be more expensive, they look so nice.

AZstarwatcher says:

Yes and what I’m trying to understand – How do you buy land with the septic tank and electricity for cheap because those things raise the price? Also how do you get around building codes when most states require a licensed contractor for anything over 120 sq feet? Anyone who knows, please PM me.

Colette Terry says:

What an awesome way to enjoy life & have such a cute home that anyone can afford who’s willing to do it! I’m so inspired! 🙂

bryan51672 says:

Great video, very inspiring. Someday I’ll build my own if I live that long and health permitting.

bryan51672 says:

I agree. Why do we pay taxes on land we own anyway? Isn’t that just paying to keep your constitutional rights to own land? That’s a ruler’s tax! The king taxes land holders!

residentzombie says:

I don’t understand you comment. Insurance companies don’t own anyone. They socialize risk for the few that need to use it. The mortage industry in and of itself is not bad, but government policies and private non-government Federal Reserve policies directed at the mortgage industry are the horrendous offenders. Peter Schiff can help explain macro to you if you haven’t studied macro economics at all. Ludwig Von Mises, Carl Menger, F.A. Hayek, Henry Hazlett and others are great resources.

Дмитрий Холдеев says:

даже мечтать о таком не думал!!!просто сказка!!!

Frank Upstate NY says:

I’d buy the”opening home” in this video any day of the week for $30,000…anyone want to tell me how, where and when?!

I’d also join in a team to “rebuild a duplicate” and be in the “heat of the work” with everyone else for the same $30,000….how, when and where?

enthheringthefa says:

I love this song! I vocal jammed on got some cool idea’s. did you compose it?

James Forgett says:

the idea behind living debt free can work, however we must keep in mind that even to build a cob-house ,or a log cabin for that matter, you have to own the land you build on. and you will always pay taxes to the state for that land , so its still not “free” .

Ricci Clark says:

i wonder would this work in texas?

Michael Gindi says:

Very beautiful! one of the best!!

blackchicksrock says:

beautiful house

Joesph Breeding says:

why do all these diy hippie home videos have music that puts people in the looney bin.

NetGawker says:

This video and videos like it make me just wanna go on a RAMPAGE when I think about how enslaved most of us are. We are TOTALLY getting fucked over by one thing and that’s MONEY! I’m SICK AND TIRED of having to chase money for false senses of freedom. My hat goes off to anyone and everyone who manages to tell corporations and governments to go FUCK THEMSELVES and live FREEEEEEE!!!!!!

C. Danielle Spencer says:

Best one I’ve seen yet!! The ONLY vid like it I keep watching! Its as if they pulled these places out of my dreams!! The idea is to take what you like and make it your own!! Nice job!!! GREAT inspiration!!

Flashlax19 says:

than live in a double wide.. That is sustainable it will break down and doesnt harm the earth that is the point

rrmcbride555 says:

Live off the grid like the uni-bomber. Rocks are free. Make a house from rocks. I would rather live in an old double wide than that dirt dobber crap.

rrmcbride555 says:

so a cob house has to look like a hobbit house? what is this lord of the rings junk. the japanese build with mud and bamboo and it looks like normal straight walls. this is hippie shit.looks like a kids play house. make some straight flat walls and quit smoking pot.hire some dam plasterers and not high school kids. an english tudor home is mud and it’s not all crooked like some acid trip design.TAKE A BATH !! YOU SMELL LIKE CABBAGE ! dam hippies

geminifiresnake77 says:

Why 47 dislikes? This is a beautiful place! Nice music as well!!:-))

Chaba Ooy says:

Zac Couture,,,,,,In Thailand have hose same as this a lot .It not expensive if you can build its by your self. You can search about ,,How to do soil home and How to do stone home in Thai and Translate. But if not fine …May be I can tell you Because I have small Business about this.. give knowage to public free not need money.. e-mail … .Hope you have nice home for your family.

Cosmicblast77 says:

Why do I think of the Flintstones when I look at this video ?

Zac Couture says:

I am VERY serious about wanting more information on the houses. we are looking into building a house starting as soon as this summer. we live in Ma. and have some land in mind,We would love to be able to house all of our family in one area. Can anyone tell me more? who to contact?

kitabwalli says:

Good comment, esp. since ‘race’ is a fiction. There is only one – us humans.

Rochelle Hanson says:

VERY INSPIRING! So natural and beautiful… LOVE the ideas!! <3

シュッツェ マックス says:

companies subvert the “free market” principle by making themselves into monopolies or oligarchies- cable companies are an example- they prevent cheap er alternatives from being available. The “free market” fails us in this respect. Only the govt has been able to prevent these abuses.

Andy Fetisov says:

Your right, Property Tax Exemptions – are available on primary residences in Florida. These exemptions can be available up to $50,000.

So if your house is small and is worth less than $50k you get to live tax free? you can always dig a secret basement addition later on to expand the living space without raising the value of the home.

Andy Fetisov says:

Sorry for the profanity have to catch the ppls attention some how and it gets the point across. Thx for bringing Florida to everyone’s attention, That’s where I plan to settle. Lots of sunshine for solar electric/hot water, geothermal cooling/heating, water well, greenhouse with aquaponics. There is potential to live free, completely independent from the outside world, self-sustaining. I even hear Florida is the next to make weed legal : D

deezynar says:

visit the building permit departments of city’s & county’s near you. ask them if it would be legal to build a tiny house anywhere in their jurisdiction. there are building codes and zoning laws. to meet the building codes, you’ll probably need to build 200 square feet or a bit more. they’ll likely tell you that you need a bathroom, kitchen, indoor plumbing, heating & electrical lights & power. the zoning laws may not allow a house that small anywhere, but you won’t know until you ask.

deezynar says:

you are correct. if you don’t pay your property tax you are thrown off of your land. it is immoral. the strange thing is that everyone i say that to say the government has a right to raise revenues. it kills me how stupid people are. there are taxes, and then there are property taxes.

deezynar says:


swmplvr says:

is this comunal living? why call it cob houses?

brooklynlulu says:

yeah, it’s soooo stressful! I’m hoping back and forth in my mind and about to go loony tunes lol. she wants to stay where she is but I want to try to get a place to accommodate both, perhaps I am being unrealistic as she has a lot of needs. Well, next chapter of my life we shall see.

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