Civilization V: Brave New World Let’s Play – FLATPACK FACEOFF! Ikea Wars Part 06

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We have a new Civilization 5: Brave New World enemy, Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden. With his IKEA furniture and lying ways he has proven himself untrustworthy, and shall face the might of Tea and Biscuits!

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Samuel Gabites says:

Great Generals can be used in enemy territory.

minecraftmarkus says:

Guud we dah internet people. Väga hää inglise keel ju.

Christopher Halim says:

Where are your army now Gus? Oh we just totally fucking rinse them!

Xepthrichros says:

At 3:02 i was pleased someone finally did some serious empire saving.

jaszilla100 says:

It's a damn shame we'll never see Britain's naval prowess in action

oren385 says:

They know that, they already checked it.

Gego/XAREN ゲゴザレン says:

"HAKKA PÄÄLLE!" is the war cry of the Hakkapeliitta. It means "Hack on them!", or in swedish "Hacka på!".
According to Wikipedia.

BritishGandalf says:

They have broken on Helms Deep as water on rock.

recon681 says:

Apparently,the Swedish army is tired out's time…reinforce defences and prepare an offensive army to destro…I mean,liberate the Swedes.

Professor Alpheus Shcreiber says:

For Halloween, we need civ with Attila, Genghis, Bismarck, napoleon, Gandhi, Shaka, and Alexander.

VerySuperFamousGuy44 says:

I think that all they need to do is just raise the debt ceiling and then they'll be fine. That mechanic should be implemented in a patch.

Zackary Greig says:

You have to discover the printing press before the world congress, it doesn't matter who found who first so long as the first person to know everyone gets the printing press first.

Calistarius79 says:

Most civ's I have encountered do that actually. Loose unites seems to always be in motion for the AI teams, almost like they are patrolling a very limited area.

FrossaProductions says:

You can't. But you can completely surround a city leaving it with no workable tiles that way.

Charlie West says:

You do know what great generals can create a citadel 1 tile out of your territory to expand your empire

martrix3015 says:

This was painful to watch boys

Senan Khawaja says:

Now he has library tea and biscuits have infantry

ieuanmaiden says:

STY is there a mod or anything for Civ where when ever at unit dies you get the unit lost saying from C&C

Andrew Payoyo says:

The power of British tactics….pump up your men so hard they suicde…

MediaGames MU says:

This is an amazing series!

TheSimon253 says:

I Think they have coded the game quite badly sence all Gustav has done is movig back and forth even when he has been in war (except now in the end).

♫Epicsauce4000♫ says:

It won't or that would be extremely cheaty

♫Epicsauce4000♫ says:

Why do i get likes for saying that The world is weird 0_o

♫Epicsauce4000♫ says:

Why did i get so many negative votes for saying Hi?

outrider says:

Can u capture a city if you place a citadel right next to it? Or will it not let you

Jack Fountain says:

well fuck you sweden

TheOmniousWindWalke1 says:


MrFinnishdude says:

to build the world congress you must have researched printing press and discovered all nations. Gus got printing press first so he got the congress.


TOP LADS on time as all ways
can we expect a Halloween extravagant episode?

Enderdude55 says:

Holy shit there are more estonians here?

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