Website:http://www.steelprefabhome.com/ Prefabricated house, Prefab house, Folding container house, Movable house, Portable house, Mobile house, Modular house, Steel structure building(warehouse, workshop and storage) and Sandwich panel (EPS, PU, Rock Wool).
The prettiest prefabricated houses Prefabricated houses can be cheaper and faster to assemble, but they come with certain limitations that do not prevent traditionally built homes. They usually consist of large casing components that are shipped and assembled on the site, but do not tend to offer the same creative freedom when it comes to design, but they do not always have to signify a compromised aesthetic. When you imagine a prefabricated house, you can imagine a square structure, you know, a simple scenario with four walls and a roof. And many houses take that shape, but there are also [More]
DESIGNING, PRODUCING, AND CONSTRUCTING LOW-ENERGY PREFABRICATED BUILDINGS Welcome to DeltaHouse family The core business of DeltaHouse is designing, producing, and constructing low-energy prefabricated buildings, primarily residential buildings — family houses, as well as commercial and public buildings, such as daycare centers, schools, health care institutions, and buildings of similar use. The company offices located in Estonia, Germany, Poland and the production plant is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. The many years of experience in design and construction are a guarantee of the expertise and knowledge of the core business, which results in total support for the investor in every form. From [More]
The prefabricated solar houses of AQUASOLAR are completely independent and modular. Its rigid construction makes them resistant to any inclemency of the weather as well, can be located in any terrain. Among the advantages they have, we can highlight their total energy autonomy; since they are equipped with a hybrid generation system (combination of photovoltaic modules and wind turbine), a bank of deep-cycle batteries that allows up to three days of autonomy without sun, thus ensuring electrical continuity. ECOLOGICAL HOUSES Prefabricated houses of proven effectiveness and different qualities and finishes: floors, carpentry, exterior, interior, but first of all, completely ecological [More]
Casas prefabricadas modernas, modern prefabricated houses Este video es una transición de imágenes, las mismas son de INTERNET. Si eres el propietario de alguna de las fotos, contácteme (imagenesenvideoyt@outlook.com) para etiquetarte o para eliminarla si lo deseas.
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