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Loq•kit Modular Homes Made With Interchageable Parts “The concept behind Loq•kit homes is the use of modular and interchangeable parts – kinda like Legos for homes. Loq•kit homes were originally conceived by PAF Architecture back in 2003 and they’ve been working on configurations and snap-lock parts ever since. Their designs have a strong focus on solar passive design, simple but striking exteriors and use several renewable energy systems. The Loq•kit house is system of standardized and interchangeable prefabricated parts that enable rapid assembly and great variety. Essentially there are hundreds of different possible configurations based on how you put the parts [More]
We start on the interior framing and systems installation next week. Here’s a last look around our prefab zero energy house kit before we have walls. See more at http://www.greenmodernkits.com/casa-ti1.htm.
Giugno Peloso is in the building!!!
The Flowcrete Group have been researching & developing polystyrene house construction for the past 10 years. These structures are quick & easy to erect with semi skilled labor. They have excellent acoustic & thermal property’s. The polystyrene used complies with fire ratings.This video is a overview on how the structure is built in KZN South Africa.
Back in the 1930’s this is one of the houses that you could order from their catalog. This one is located in the city of Palmetto Florida. http://www.searsarchives.com/homes/1933-1940.htm

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