For more information,please visit our website: www.containerhomeshouses.com email:sales1@containerhomeshouses.com 1.Comfortable and safe – build your nice and sweet home 2.Economical and low-cost – average cost per day is less than 1$ 3.movable, reusable, flexible – you can live anywhere you like 4.Fast installation, ready-to-use 5.Attractive appearance and individuation available
QUIRKY pictures and video have revealed the innovative flat pack folding home which could be yours from just £24.8K and takes only six hours to build. The incredible shots show components of the flat pack M.A.Di Home being produced in a factory, transported by truck to its new location and being unfolded and easily assembled on site. Time-lapse footage shows the modern prefab home being transformed into the final product, complete with windows and doors. Interior images show the sleek design which boasts plenty of open plan living space in the wacky a-frame house. For the full story visit www.mediadrumworld.com. [More]
Please contact us by email: rick@csmodularhouse.com if you need 20ft container house. 2 or 3 workers can assemble one unit 20ft flat pack container house within 2 hours. We can ship 8 units in one 40ft shipping container.
Mege factory that production container house is Chinese NO.1. We can make many different modified container products. More products pls visit our Website:www.megeshelters.com. More information and any questions pls contact with us:Jusion@megeshelters.com
Italian architect Renato Vidal has designed an eco-friendly flat-pack home that costs $33,000 and only takes 6 hours to build. Subscribe for more architecture vids: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDnY4847WkSLSO7U4cWfPbQ?sub_confirmation=1 Called M.A.DI homes, the units come in varying sizes, with prices beginning at €28,000 (£25,000 or $33,000) for the smallest 27 square metre (290 sq ft) single unit, rising to €62,000 (£55,000 or $73,000) for the 84 square metre (904 sq ft) triple family home.
Max Prefab is an innovative manufacturer of prefabricated houses, container houses, foldable container house, portable buildings, bungalows, steel structure warehouses and architectural steel construction. Our Vision: To Become The World’s Best Prefabricated House Partner Our Mission: Enhance our customers’ benefits by producing safe, environmental friendly, practical and profitable products to “Support 200 Exclusive Agents to Success” Our Core Value: Integrity Diligence Quality Commitment Goodness For more information please Visit our website: www.maxprefabhouse.com www.maxprefabhouse.en.alibaba.com Or contact our whatsapp +86 189 277 58002 Enjoy your time with Max Prefab!

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