RUMAHPREFAB.COM GET SPECIAL OFFER – CALL US NOW http://rumahprefab.com Rumah Prefab is a professional company specialized in producing, selling and installing Container House, Prefabricated Buildings and Light Steel Structure for Camp, House, Office and Warehouse.
Flat Pack House That Costs $33K & 6 Hours To Build #house #amazing #checkthisout 👍Subscribe To BRAINRS: http://bit.ly/BRAINRS In a time when real estate prices are going through the roof, Italian Renato Vidal has created a brilliant alternative to traditional housing. The M.A.Di. is a flat pack folding home that costs only $33K and three people can assemble it in any flat location in about 6 hours. The building is certified as seismically safe and created with high-quality material. It comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from a 290-square-foot home for $33K to a 904-square-foot design for $73K. All [More]
Modular Container House assemble guidance. How to assemble Knock Down Container. Flat Pack Container Office assemble.
Please check more information on our website: www.csmodularhouse.com, please contact us by email: rick@containersolution.cn , Whatsapp is +8615150130346.
Please check more information on our website: www.csmodularhouse.com, please contact us by email: rick@containersolution.cn , Whatsapp is +8615150130346.
Official website : http://www.sparkhomes.com.au/ Telephone: (02) 8807 4717 email: sparkhomes@yahoo.com Unit 3, 13 McCormack Street, Arndell Park, 2148 NSW
8 ft by 8ft by 6 foot tall tiny shelter or Cabin that packs up flat and could be hauled one piece at a time into the back woods. For hunting, camping, fishing, or for storage, or homeless conditions. Cheaply built and uses nuts and bolts to assemble. Could be mounted to a small trailer as it is built like a travel trailer shell. Very strong when bolted together. Camo tarp protects and can store items like a cooler on top of roof but under the tarp to create a run off for rain. Unit built in 2014 for about [More]
(11 Apr 2010) One of the world”s largest manufacturers of furniture and home goods, IKEA, is known for supplying simple, modern home goods at affordable prices. Now, with the credit crunch still affecting first time buyers, its latest product may change the idea of affordable housing. In partnership with another Swedish company, Skanska, IKEA has turned its hand to selling energy-efficient prefab homes. Called Boklok, the house is currently available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Britain and now Germany. But you won”t have to spend an afternoon working out the instruction manual or if any parts are misisng because these [More]
Amazing Flatpack M.A.Di A-frame Cabin Complete in 30-40 Days for New Year A M.A.Di home will take approximately 30-40 days to complete from date of order, with an all inclusive unit price around €800 (US$933) per square meter. Therefore, the basic M.A.Di homes are priced approximately between €21,600 (US$25,195) for the tiny module and €67,200 (US$73,385) for the biggest module. The home is then flat-packed and transported by truck or container, and can be delivered outside of Italy. Italian architect Renato Vidal has created a prefabricated foldable house that takes less than a day to install once on site. The [More]

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