Buildeco flat-pack FlexiHouse ‘1Bed Starter Home’ (Option 1)

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In the 21st century low carbon buildings will be assembled on site from a set of precision made components, this will be delivered by using an innovative form of flat-pack offsite intelligent total building system.

FlexiHouse Starter Home (underdevelopment due 2018)

Buildeco flat-pack FlexiHouses are fully expandable, adaptable and future proofed, and so address and meet the needs of an expanding family, as and when future additional accommodation space is required.

The FlexiHouse starts as one bedroom home and expanding to two bedrooms, to three bedrooms and finally to four bedrooms, maximising the full use of the same footprint.

FlexiHouses can be clad using a variety of cladding panel materials to respond to the local vernacular or your personal taste.


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