Build a diy home recording studio part 7

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Build a diy studio part 7


Siemianowicee says:

When you don't know the name in English, say the name in the 'foreign' language.
Most people watching this video will be bi-lingual and so your not guessing that is a fault.
What is osb, by the way.
The scrap wood you put on the wall there, at 1:30 was nailed into other wood which is not the usual way of keeping sound transmission to a minimum when fixing.
good luck with your project.

djspacel says:

I think you did a great job! I'm going to watch al the videos! Are you living in Germany? I do live in The Netherlands! Thats close!! 

mortemdrummer says:

careful not to inhale sawdust, people. part of the reason my grandfather died.

rickvanman says:

coming on nicely :o)

scuberdave says:

looking good. on the last leg now.
by the way where's your dust mask?…tsk…tsk laminate dust is bad shit man one time i heared this guy breathed in some dust just like the dust you working with and he went and grew something bad off the side of his face and all the local kids started following him and mocking him and shit about this dangling thing on his facenow you dont want that shit in yo life the last thing you need is headaches!

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