Breaking News – Australian company offers houses for fraction of price

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An Australian company is giving people the opportunity to crack into the property market without breaking the bank.One Queensland company is giving home buyers the chance to buy their slice of property paradise with houses that cost less than $19,000.The pint size ‘Titan’ homes’ have become popular additions to houses, acting as granny flats or guest houses.’I changed the roof, the ceiling, and put the awning out the front – just to make it look like a presentable house and not a glorified tin shed,’ Reeve Kruck, owner of Titan Garages told 9 News.The pocket sized homes begin at $18,900 with the options to include added luxuries.Home buyers are able to add a lot of extras to the small dream kit houses without putting too much of a dent in the bank.According to the program, councils have relaxed restrictions on allowing granny flats in certain suburbs.Through some innovative designs and creative additions, people have been able to erect the tiny houses themselves fairly easily.Many people adding the Titan homes to their properties are converting them to be used for AirBnB guests to make some extra cash.The Queensland company has eight different styles of Titan Houses to select from with ‘everything you need for a relaxed … lifestyle’.
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