Backyard aquaponics: DIY system to farm fish with vegetables

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Rob Torcellini bought a $700 greenhouse kit to grow more vegetables in his backyard. Then he added fish to get rid of a mosquito problem and before long he w…


Brian Hildebrand says:

Can your automated program be duplicated? Is your computer program for sale? I’m a lazier gardener than you.

Warren Sal says:

Great idea good to learn something everyday. only thing I would add is a sand filter reed bed at the end to clean the water right up

AquaponicsSurvivor says:

Thank you for the great information on aquaponics. Interesting story about how you got started and then seeing the level you have taken it to is great. Loved seeing the variety of produce you are growing. Nice.

growhelporg says:

new website for growers its growhelp org discuss tips problems issues with your grow

isaac martin says:

Were do you get that computer program that he is use ing

wishmurderwaslegal says:

Hi, Great Video, interesting stuff.
I was wondering if there is a monetary advantage to growing in aquaponic system opposed to buying vegetables in stores? After the cost of materials, electricity for pump, and fish food is this more cost effective than buying produce, or is it just a fun hobby? Thanks. 🙂

AquaponicsIdeas says:

I agree that aquaponics is a low cost Do it yourself effective way to grow both fish and plants for supplying food for the family. I was impressed with how you automated the controls for the greenhouse.You may want to consider adding solar power to power your aquaponics system to reduce your electric bill. Just a thought!

luciane6283 says:

It would be a shame for you not to earn more cash fast when these people do it easily using Smarter Money Maker (search for it on google).

therocketman321 says:

Do you allow bees to pollenate?

1betrman says:

The production of this backyard aquaponics video is absolutely the finest on you tube.

UnitedFarmersOrg says:


Bestundesun says:

What software are you using ?

ninjaghostx says:

its not a gold fish , its KOI !!!! , They’re way more cool than a gold fish

MrJoyholland says:

Do you have filters in between before you add the water to mediums? if so i would like to see how you fixed that..
great job man you inspire,
and how long did it take to get your fish so fat indoors?
and did you add an extra medium indoor on the floor so the fish don’t have the stress from all the engines running? or to keep more water than medium can handle so the fish doesn’t get too much up and down water, maybe both? keep growing man..

Steven Bradford says:

good stuff

Jeremie Marcotte says:

Wow thats awesome! thanks for sharing that. I would love to do that over here in Québec, montreal, but our winter are to strong :/

sickbastard151 says:

can u grow patatoes with aquaponics?

Michael Emery says:

Thanks for another great video Kirsten, Great Job!

Jack Du says:

wow just saw the mother of all gold fish…

Chris Bridges says:

Nice system and I like the automation system you have going there. Any chance of seeing a design plan for your control system? I am building my second aquaponics system and it’s going to be in a large green house, and I’m working a job thats going to have me out of town alot, I’d like to know how you have your’s rigged up. Looked very nice.

celticpatriotable says:

I’m not meaning to be a wise guy, but do you have a full-time job, too? How much time did this take to build and maintain? How much did this set up set you back? How much does it cost to run?

yummydeliciousmagic says:


Research0digo says:

‘slave-made’ under deplorable conditions in Cambodia? Those kind? The sweat shops in remote third world instances, that stitch Made in USA labels into the extremely expensive (North Face, for example) jackets and backpacks?  No logo – Union Made in USA, please. You’re totally missing the point. Hopefully you were using cynisism.

CodyDesign7 says:


CodyDesign7 says:

how does the plant get other nutrients that they need ? does your plants produce a lot ?

enkilKINGofKEMET says:

Very cool idea, but it doesn’t look like you’re feeding the fish very healthy food. Fish need a variety of food to be healthy.

Stanky Dankwood says:

Excuse me, are those Bugleboy Jeans you’re wearing?

bizpromotion says:

This is one of the higher quality DIY Aquaponics System Videos. I’m Subscribing!

Todd Schuyler says:

I really enjoyed this backyard aquaponics video. I love love DIY aquaponic videos. Thanks. I’m subscribing and recommending this channel.

MichaelSmathers says:

LOL. Beautiful! A “grow geek” in every sense. 😉

spanishflew says:

unfortunately fish pellets, the primary input of this sysytem, contain fish oils and fish meal which are a direct product of commercial rape of our oceans ecosystem 🙁

BobClemintime says:

normally you eat the fish. also hydroponics is extremely efficient

Gregg Micochero says:

yes,, the soap works if you are gardening, but in an aquaponics sytem you will have dead fish , high phosphates and it will look like a human bubble bath! 🙂

justgivemethetruth says:

i just had an aphid infestation on broccoli, kale and cherry trees and the “insecticidal soap” from OSH worked like a charm … and I mean immediately. You can mostly just wash the aphids off as well, but to kill them the soap works. Places on the net say you can use dishwashing soap but some plants are said to be sensitive to other chemical in that. It’s non toxic, look for the OMRI stamp. I tried oil last year but it didn’t work so well. Sorry to butt in just happened to see this.

Brian Stalter says:

“There’s no outside chemicals introduced”…. yet you use fish food you don’t make yourself…. and from the look of it, you feed the cheapest, lowest quality stuff you could find (looks like a Wardley can inside).

grandmastermicochero says:

dude,, your Comet in the 50 gallon tank is egg bound! LOL,, what do you feed her??

grandmastermicochero says:

have you had success with using oil for ridding aphids?? what kind of oil do you use?

poop gorilla says:

i wanna destroy ur plants, eat the fruit u have and devour ur fish

Jennifer Samuels says:

Just curious, is doing this okay for the environment?

mectechman1 says:

That was truly inspiring!
Thanks for sharing.

gtk68 says:

Your supposed to use a fish you can eat like tilapia so you are growing fish to eat, they poop to feed the plants. Plants eat the poop to clean the water so fish grow fast and no water changes are nessary thus saving water, while growing organic plants and fish to eat.

spanishflew says:

I don;t get it. buy pellets. feed pellets to fish. fish poop. use fish poop to fertilize plants…be easier to cut out the middle fish and use the external input to fertilise the plants direct?

yrot1123 says:

thanks for a nice video. How much does it cost to set this up, with automated controllers and what is your ratio of harvesting ?

Brian Turner says:

that is freakin sweet

Confounded Bridge says:

You might try spraying a light oil on the leaves for the aphids. It suffocates the aphids, but doesn’t hurt the plants. In this system you could probably put the oil on a mist system and perhaps it could spray the plants for you.

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