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Hi guys!! Here are ALL of the OFFICIAL Kits that will be wore during the forthcoming Barclays Premier League season (2012/13). The only kits that are not included in this video that will also be used in the BPL next year are the third kits and goalkeeper kits. I may make a video on those later on. All of these kits have been officially released, so none of these strips are fake. So now I leave you with the questions, who will be the BPL champions at the end of May 2013 and what kit is your favourite?? Leave your comments below and don’t forget to like and subscribe!!


Michiel De Wolf says:

Arsenal away kit is soooo sexy!!!!

Craig Mcdonald says:

Arsenal Home 8/10 away 9/10
Aston Villa 5/10 away 7/10
Chelsea home kit 8/10 away kit 8/10
Everton home kit 8/10 away 8/10
rest quite good
Newcastle 8/10 away 8/10
norwich 7/10 away 7/10

Liverpool home kit 5/10 away kit 6/10
Man u 9/10 away 10/10

Fulham home kit 6/10 away 8/10

Manchester City hom kit 9/10 away 9/10

Alj1907 says:

hey meet, what happend to the video that showed the neon yellow laser's??

Louis French says:

Hey! Your videos never fail to deliver exactly what I'm looking o find. Keep up the good work

lotsasoccer31 says:

Uh-Oh. . . I'm a Dortmund fan. Use Kagawa well.

lotsasoccer31 says:

Hey man, great vid! Who do you think has the best kits this season? Swansea wins for me!

GeorgieBoii10 says:

Nice video. You never disappoint with your videos. Keep up the good work.

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