Aladdin Kit Home

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Here is a Sketchup model tour of the Aladdin Merrill from the Aladdin line of kit homes. I think it was a 1917 home.


FirefighterShoe says:

I love this! Thanks.
The smaller kit homes are often left out of the limelight and get no attention. But, they are hard to identify and find because they are so nondescript. They are often the first to be razed for larger newer homes.

We have one in Tulsa and it was built right behind what I think is a Gordon Van Tine #711 which is a huge house! They share the alley.

Aladdin homes, especially the smaller ones, were very basic and didn't come with the bookcase colonnades and built in buffets and such. It was one way to keep the costs down. Keep in mind Aladdin didn't offer mortgages and houses had to be paid in full. Many customers certainly upgraded and ordered buffets and colonnades and so forth as evidenced by a small number of sales orders that still exist and are archived in the Clarke Historical Library.

I will definitely share this in a blog on the Merrill!

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