AcerMetric garDEN house build

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AcerMetric Flat Pack DIY garDEN house being installed in a typical back garden.
ONE TOOL DOES IT ALL. No trade skills required. As easy to construct as a childs’ toy building system. Unique patented 3D clamping method for ultra quick post tensioned construction. No loose fittings or fasteners. Even the thermally efficient window and doors are clamped in place with the same tool.
This is a precision engineered system designed for anyone to do it themselves with ease. However a fully supportive installation team can be used if preferred.
The same system is used to create fully compliant cost effective housing and public buildings of superior strength, thermal efficiency, longevity, etc., using sustainable materials throughout. Fire, severe weather, flood proof and earthquake resistant buildings can also be readily produced.
Bespoke buildings of ANY SHAPE, SIZE, STYLE AND APPLICATION can be developed by our in house precision engineering design and structural engineering team.


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