7 Great PREFAB HOMES #2 (some affordable)

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Some interesting pre-fabricated houses. THUMBNAIL is the last prefab in the video – Zip Kit Homes.
0:31 ➤ Wikkelhouse – https://wikkelhouse.com/
2:02 ➤ Arched Cabins – https://archedcabins.com/
3:13 ➤ KODA House – https://www.kodasema.com/
5:01 ➤ Nomad Micro Homes – http://www.nomadmicrohomes.com/, https://amzn.to/2uZhpCt – Amazon
6:21 ➤ Tiny Heirloom – https://www.tinyheirloom.com/
7:29 ➤ DublDom – http://dubldom.com/eu
8:47 ➤ Zip Kit Homes – https://www.zipkithomes.com/

Credits are listed in the video.
Part 3 – https://youtu.be/zuWfeD2r83w

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Derrick Head says:

i like the bigger more modern homes

onemanghetto says:

OOH LOOK!! IT'S TRENDY AND COOL!!! And overpriced junk…but…TRENDY!!!!

Koalachaos says:

oh yes can I please get a shity little house that's going to blow away at the first sign of severe weather that cost more than a regular home please

Onry1 says:

Affordable? right…

sonar008 says:

3D printed homes are 1/3 the price

Tony Watts says:

Does anyone have a link or resource for me on builders ?

Cynthia Harrison says:

The Texas "shed" has a design flaw that's so obvious. Propanel roofing shouldn't be installed with the ribs running horizontally. This can trap rain and snow and cause the roof to leak. When installed properly, with ribs running vertically, rain and snow slide off. But you can't bend propanel to fit the curve of the roof line to run the panels vertically, so if you like the overall design please consider a different roofing material.

Derek Dlick says:

The crane labor cost more than materials

TN Valley Yoga says:

Every time I look into buying any of these prefabs or even modular homes you can build them cheaper. What's the point?

lexzbuddy says:

Huf haus please 🙂

Felix Omondi says:

am from Kenya how much will it cost to purchase a home of 3 bedrooms including shipment

ZadZadrack says:

Did I hear the narrator say: "..each SEGMENT COST 10,000 Euros .."? So, if you need minmum of 10 Segments, then the cost will be 100,000 Euros? for a basic structure ? Without Kitchen/Bathroom/Toilet/Electricity FITTINGS? I thought, cardboard was CHEAP, but apparently SCAMS are not. From the START of this Video, I thought the PRICE was going to be $10,000 to $ 20,000, thus if such a house lasted ONLY 10 YEARS, then a BUYER WOULD STILL BE IN POCKET, because @ $10,000 divide by 10 years = $1000 Dollar Rent per annum, and @ 20,000 divide by 10 years = $2,000 Dollars Rent. Lol.

aks flash says:

Why dont you guys choose brick house instead of this??

systemsoundbar says:

living in a cardboard house wouldn't work here in alberta. a wolf could come by and blow the house down.

oltep says:

tornado magnets.

Stephen Christopher says:

Wait… how did she get up there… there's no ladder or access

JoseAlexE92 says:

$10k for that tiny thing being sold for $100k ?!? Pshhhh … I’d rather get a $15k barndominium ..

cyberiasaint says:

2 vodeos and no mention of Bauhu??

Adam Iverson says:

Even if these prefab homes are affordable, permits are definitely not as it is much more expensive than homes because cities are money hungry.

Quinn Dang says:

What do you people do for work? Jeez.

Sho Yu Weeni says:

You could build something yourself with basic knowledge that would rival the first house and for 1/10th the cost. What a joke.

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