$15 earth berm eco house filmed 30 years later

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$15 Earth Berm Eco House Filmed 30 Years Later

www.permies.com Another Mike Oehler creation. This one is called “the sleeper”. Mike if famous for his $50 and up underground house book. This house is an above ground earth berm house. Very small, but a family of three did live in the house recently for 18 months. There are cedar trees growing out of the roof. paul wheaton permaculture

$15 Earth Berm Eco House Filmed 30 Years Later
$15 Earth Berm Eco House Filmed 30 Years Later
$15 Earth Berm Eco House Filmed 30 Years Later
$15 Earth Berm Eco House Filmed 30 Years Later
$15 Earth Berm Eco House Filmed 30 Years Later

$15 Earth Berm Eco House Filmed 30 Years Later


superbolt2012 says:

we all dream about the same

ColeFried81 says:

That’s all I can say is wow.
Put some effort into shit and maybe you’ll get something out of it.

Dexxxter7780 says:

Could you loan me a few hundread thousand dollars, and air plain and like 2 thousand a month for the rest of my life?

ColeFried81 says:

Move to Alaska and homestead a piece of land. It’s the only state left in the US where you can legally do that. Cheers

Schizy01 says:

I don’t thing your electric wiring is up to code, pops.

Milena Gerginova says:

Wellcome to make friendship with me-arch.Milena Gerginova from Sofia,Bulgaria and former A/CA of Harare,Z-we/ IAZ&RIBA, PPExamination done 2004/Greetings and …write me

LetsDanceGermany says:

ich auch:(

SlipperHill says:

I am looking to do the same thing. This is perfect. Thank you for posting this, hope to see more soon!

jwmi2012 says:

Good to northern michigan, bro.

Tara Hill says:

On it! Thanks again!

SunWoodMC says:

Sucks that this kinda building is illegal in germany -.- I would totally wanna live like this.

Avril Stacy says:

(: I want to build a little beach house to park on the beach at Galveston. That way when huricanes come I can just move it inland.

DietToolZero33 says:

nice, can i stay there on my tour in the future? i’m in many bands.

Ecclesiastes51 says:

With very few exceptions, one doesn’t become a “friggin multi-millionaire” by selling to poor people.

Fortunately, there is the internet. Educate yourself. Do it yourself.

MuscalityInObscurity says:

Also depends on if you’re building on marginal land -.-

mojoboe says:

Oh seriously? Nice. Yeah I’m in carroll county. I guess I should look into it a bit more then!

1too3fore says:

Don’t know about that, there’s a guy on youtube building an earthship in MD somewhere. I live in the DC area.

mojoboe says:

Hey! Yeah I looked into earth homes myself and basically it depends on the type of home you want, and the country you live in. I live in America East coast- and the laws codes and regulations make it virtually impossible these days. I initially wanted a partial hillside home- but it does not look like it will ever happen . Oh well- cookie cutter crap for me I guess.

mojoboe says:

You have one? Awesome! I’m assuming that’s for material though. Whats the labor build cost? Or maybe you built it yourself?

1too3fore says:

Yes, you have to follow building codes, very important to have your plans approved and signed by an engineer.

SunShine8308 says:

I appreciate you making this sound doable because it seems so insurmountable at first. -“tarotworldtour”

SunShine8308 says:

I say this too, even though I am a man (urban, untrained at this). The people I do know of who do this are very hard to find because they are so incredibly busy right now.

The best experience I just had was living in a site next to an ancient Roman settlement in Greece in a tree house (with wifi), breakfast and dinner provided, for 16USD per day. -“tarotworldtour”

dusteroo says:

me too, so fun !

Beatnikzombie says:

We’re all very impressed.

Beatnikzombie says:

Excellent. I love it.

Villanovagypsy says:

Try to save like 5,000 dollars and you can build a REALLY nice cabin compared to this. There are lots available in almost every state for about 2000-10000 dollars especially if you pay in cash but, some of them do owner financing with o need for credit checks. Try to make sure the land has either well/city water and septic/sewer and electric/buy solar panels. I’m almost done. A travel trailer full home with appliances to use while you build a bigger home. Grow FOOD. Pump/filter your rain/pond

Cxv Ds says:

lol i live in a mansion with 3 door garage i don’t need this

seventhsinn says:

ya me and my roomate plan on doing something like this in alaska real soon,we are saving for a nice chunk of land,and build some small cheap cabins,i hate the city life so does he,and we love gold panning and such so kinda our thing,to bad they dont have a lot of hot chicks in alaska is the only bad problem lol

caessarion says:

i like when my balls are banging on ass

caessarion says:

yes yes yes, you have to get in your car and drive to the places where you want to live. The further from “civilization” the cheaper. Do you need internet? Theres no cheap net in desolationville. You could live near a lake in Mapleton in a trailer, its 150 a year you have to pay for electric net water. Do you want everything free? I know what you mean and I know all the things involved. its not hard to do, you will need starting $ and living $ 30 is young a long retirement

Dexxxter7780 says:

I think you are replying to the wrong comment…did someone really cut off your testicals??? Thats horrible!

heyyouthere4 says:

Not all ground perks, so lack of a septic field can preclude getting permission from the local gov’t. But outhouses are not illegal. A well must be 100′ from a septic field. Try to avoid areas with high lead or arsenic levels!

MrKadvaga says:

we’re working on it! Check out the Ringing Cedars!

ambiedawn82 says:

I suggest you grow some balls and stop being a baby. Get a job and do what you have to do to make it work. Believe it or not the world doesn’t revolve around you so get out of your mom’s basement and be a man.

doddsalfa says:

check out account solarcabin on yt

paulwheaton12 says:

I suggest you read “Mortgage Free” by Rob Roy.

Dexxxter7780 says:

Im dirt pour and am unable to hold a full time job. This is the life style i have been seeking since i was 4. Im 31 now..Is there any way someone like me could obtain a small plot in the wilderness like this?

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